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Working in conjunction with Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) to ensure that Vietnam veterans, as well as ALL veterans, attain the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve.

About AVVA

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) is a national, nonprofit Membership and Service Organization dedicated to advancing the awareness of issues affecting Vietnam Veterans, their families, and their communities. Over the years, the AVVA has evolved into an organization that has become cognizant and responsive to the problems affecting all Veterans.

In its infancy, the AVVA was a group of members within Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. In 1999, as the scope of activities and the number of members grew, the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. was established. AVVA now functions as an independent Membership and Service Organization. The AVVA continues to work in conjunction with Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (VVA) striving to ensure that Vietnam veterans, as well as ALL veterans, attain the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve. We lend our expertise, support, and leadership to all VVA programs, legislative actions, community service, and social activities, while remaining actively involved in our own programs, legislative agenda, and services.

AVVA is the extended family of VVA. It is made up of Veterans of all eras, families and friends of Veterans, and all persons who support Veterans' issues. AVVA is a catalyst for action, healing, reconciliation, mutual support, and fellowship. With more than 8,000 members, the AVVA is a thriving and strong non-partisan, tax-exempt organization.

What is AVVA?

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) is a unique organization, pulling together Veterans and people who support their issues into one united group. "Together Always" is the motto of this organization.

AVVA is NOT an auxiliary. It is a C4 Nonprofit Veterans Service Organization. The most significant advantage we have is that it is made up of Veterans and non-veterans from all walks of life; working together for common goals. Because of its status, it is allowed to lobby Congress regarding pending or suggested legislation, and often does.

AVVA was born out of people who wanted to support the actions and causes of the Vietnam Veterans of America, whose main motto is: "Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another". AVVA is made up of members who are Veterans from all eras, military personnel and their families, families and friends of Vietnam Veterans, and community members who want to help support the needs and issues of all Veterans.

AVVA Mission Statement

To provide support to Veterans and their families through programs, projects, and education.

AVVA's Core Values

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, is passionate about its work and the real life issues facing Veterans and their families. It strives to create a positive impact on our Veterans and their families by making life better. Its achievements are built on a solid foundation of core values that inspire action, integrity, teamwork and outstanding results. Its values form the basis for decision-making and all actions of Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America – both as individuals and as a Veterans Service Organization.

Why Join AVVA?

Being a member of AVVA gives you the fellowship in which to accomplish all manner of tasks and programs that support the needs of our Nation's Veterans. Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America members walk the halls of Congress supporting Veteran related legislation, and promote programs and events. You can be a part of that on a local level.

The AVVA is hard at work, helping to improve the circumstance of Veterans and their families in both large and small ways. Its Service Officer Program adds experienced personnel to help with the huge number of claims for Veterans and their survivors, at no cost to them; its VISTA Program encourages 'giving back' to local communities and tracks the 1000's of hours of Volunteer work by its members throughout the country; Paper Safes give Veterans a means of making life less stressful for their family and friends in a time when things can be very chaotic, again, at no cost to the Veteran. AVVA gives grants to organizations helping homeless Veterans, and supports educational programs regarding the effects of Agent Orange and other dioxins.

When you join AVVA you join a family that stretches across this country, whose common goal is to help keep this nation's promises to our Veterans.

Associate memberships are available for family members, friends, non-Vietnam Generation Veterans, and non-veterans who have a genuine interest in, and who can subscribe to the goals and objectives of, the VVA. The mission of the AVVA is to advance the work of the VVA through cooperative projects, to facilitate, enhance and improve communication with our members and the general public; and to continue efforts to ensure the rights of, and benefits for, all veterans and their families.

VVA Membership Dues are $20.00 per year.

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